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The Zeiss VR one has a beautiful design and really does look like a great VR headset, and actually does provide great viewing in Virtual Reality. If the lenses don't hurt your eyes after ten minutes, that is.

While the design is fantastic and seems very sturdy, there are other problems with the Zeiss that hold it back from being the best VR headset in the mid priced range. The lens cannot be adjusted, you might not get the Smartphone tray that you need with the product to use it in combination with your phone, among other things.

Holding the Zeiss VR one, you can tell it’s been well made and is actually really light for how big it looks. It looks just as huge in person, fortunately this isn't an issue because the weight isn't as bad as it looks.

What does the Virtual Porn Website think of the Zeiss VR One?

We thought the Zeiss had amazing potential as a VR headset, but it didn't live up to the hype. It wasn't a particularly good choice considering it's over £100.

Now that the Zeiss VR One Plus is out, they have added a few minor and major adjustments to the model. From making it compatible with all smartphones and more suitable for commercial use, the new Plus edition is definitely more buyable.

However, when it comes to the question of whether you should buy the Zeiss VR One Plus to watch VR Porn, our advise would be to at least try Google Cardboard first. That way you are less likely to dislike the Zeiss if you buy it!


  • Lens suitable for use with glasses and also don't fog up.
  • Compatible with android and IOS smartphones.
  • Comfortable to wear with extremely padded eyes.


  • You cannot adjust the lens zoom.
  • It doesn't come with a Smartphone tray, an essential accessory.
  • The Zeiss isn't cheap, it is in the mid price range.
  • No interactive buttons.

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Although this is good VR headset, it has a high price of £163.44 which doesn’t really give much better quality compared to something like the Stealth VR headset (which is a lot less expensive).

If you are thinking about getting a decent headset to watch VR porn and other virtual reality videos we would recommend getting something like the Stealth VR or Homido headset instead.

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