Stealth VR

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£12.99 to £29.99


The Stealth VR is a great option for a first headset. With the choice of 4 different models, you can find one at the right price and quality to suit your needs. These headsets include the Stealth VR POCKET, VR 50, VR100 and VR200. Each upgraded headset in this list provides a better experience at a slightly higher price.

Another great asset for this headset is the community of applications and VR videos that are bundled together. You can join the community and have access to all of their content.


  • Multiple headsets to choice from.
  • Cheap price and good quality.
  • Easy to set up and use.


  • No interactive buttons.
  • Great entry level headset, but just doesn’t give you the best VR experience.

Our Score



This headset is a great entry level headset that will give you a good immersive experience, and is compatible to watch our VR porn videos. It has a community of apps around it giving you more for your money and gives you the option of multiple headsets at good prices.

If you’re looking to get a subscription to our site and view our videos, this headset will do the trick!

You can find the Stealth VR here:

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