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The Playstation VR or PSVR is a VR headset designed by Sony for use with the Playstation 4.

With companies like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive delivering the top end virtual reality headsets, it was only a matter of time before Sony brought out their version which happens to plug neatly into their PlayStation 4 console.

At an affordable price of £349, this is the go to headset for anyone already owning the PS4. Its design is unique and includes a built in mic. Working with the PlayStation camera and complete control system you can fully immerse yourself into VR games.

The hardware comes together quite nicely to make a decent headset, the PSVR can compete with other headsets while offering its own unique niche as the only console Virtual Reality technology.

What does the Virtual Porn Website think of Playstation VR headsets?

As a Playstation owner, if you want to get involved with Virtual Reality on your console then a Playstation VR headset is the obvious and only choice.

Playstation VR isn't a bad piece of hardware, but lacks the amazing and endless range of support provided by other high end VR technology. Fortunately, this is an issue that Sony are resolving as we speak, bringing in new functionality and support every day.

We've given it a go and made sure our videos are accessible when using Playstation VR - but if you have a good computer we strongly recommend investing in an Oculus Right or HTC Vive for a more well rounded experience.

As a bonus, its really easy to watch our videos on this device and can be done in a minute or two with no problem.


  • Playstation VR is extremely affordable for a high end piece of VR gear.
  • Vibrant display with up to 120 frames per second, great quality video.
  • Surprisingly comfortable to wear in comparison with other headsets.


  • If you want to play the games purchasing the additional content can end up expensive.
  • Not the biggest variety of games are out for Playstation VR just yet, but should soon change.
  • You need a PlayStation console to use the PSVR.

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If you already have a PlayStation 4 console, I think the best choice would be to get this headset. It stacks up to the bigger competition such as the HTC Vive considerably well, and its aimed at the typical gamer at affordable prices.

You can watch all of the Virtual Porn Website videos on your PSVR, so if your only use for the headset is adult content you can get this headset marginally cheaper with equal performance.

You can find the PlayStation VR here:

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