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The HTC Vive is another amazing VR headset and is one of the top contenders in terms of quality and functionality. As one of the high end VR devices, a Vive headset includes all of the crucial innovations required from a top of the line product.

It is designed for all things Virtual reality including gaming, 360 pictures , videos and most importantly - our Virtual Reality Porn. This Headset is great for viewing any of the 4k HD videos on our website with no problems.

The great thing with the Vive is that you get 2 hand remotes which allow you to interact with many VR games and applications. It really does take you one step deeper into a virtual world.

The HTC Corporation have created a whole host of accessories and addon products for the Vive, making it one of the best purchases for somebody who wants the full immersion experience and all the gadgets that come with it.

What does the Virtual Porn Website think of the HTC Vive?

For watching our porn content the HTC Vive is almost unmatched. This is to be expected considering the rather large cost of the hardware and its' accessories.

We really like the Vive, our videos look absolutely fantastic when using this headset it is very immersive and crisp. However, we could not endorse the purchase of a Vive purely for porn. It would be complete overkill.

If you enjoy all aspects of VR and love the technology as a whole (gaming, videos & software), the Vive could be considered the top choice for VR connoisseurs.


  • Incomparable VR experience delivered by state of the art VR technology - Good hardware
  • This headset can scale virtual reality to your room size
  • Extremely good support for SteamVR, one of the best Virtual Reality headsets for gaming
  • Plenty of VR content to use - including free games and interactive software with the headset itself


  • The cost is considerably higher than other headsets, barely affordable to the general public
  • It has a bulky wire and frame, not suitable for people with neck problems
  • Requires a fairly strong computer to run the HTC properly

Our Score



Overall the HTC Vive is indeed one of the best VR headsets on out today. Not only can you watch our 180 & 360-degree vr porn, but have access to amazing VR games and apps.

The true downside to the Vive lies in the cost, it shares a large price tag equal to or more than the Oculus and Playstation VR. With the production of the HTC Vive 2 well underway, you may no longer want to splash out on this headset when the new edition is just around the corner.

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