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The Homido is an entry level VR Headset which houses a variety of smartphones and allows you to watch virtual reality videos and apps.

This headset essentially does the same as the Google Cardboard, however feels nicer and more sturdy due it being made from plastic rather than cardboard.

In fact, the most common quote going around about the Homido is that it is a particularly unmemorable VR headset, a "plastic Google Cardboard".

Whether we needed a more formidable version of Google's Cardboard we cannot say.

What does the Virtual Porn Website think of the Homido?

We think that the Homido is more than adequate for an intermediary Virtual Reality experience, but with a distinct lack of support it wouldn't be our first choice.

For watching VR Porn, the Homido delivers in excellent quality. However due to the way the headset works you may have to spend a little bit longer getting everything set up and running for your viewing pleasure.


  • Good quality lenses, including replacements lenses for individuals with near/far sight.
  • It is compatible with many different Smartphones, like the Cardboard.
  • Comfortable to wear when you add on all of the straps.
  • Sturdy enough to last the test of time if carefully looked after.


  • There is no interaction options, meaning you limited to what you can use it for
  • Expensive compared to cheaper headsets that produce the same quality output
  • Insertion of phone could sctratch glass, you have to be very careful!
  • Potential immersion issues, including lense reflections and poor focus

Our Score



The Homido is a decent headset if you are new to virtual reality. It will allow you to watch all of our adult vr videos with (relative) ease. If you have previously owned a Google Cardboard, then this headset will be a nice upgrade and give you that next step into the realm of VR that you were looking for.

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