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The Google Cardboard is a great starter kit to get a feel for virtual reality porn. Like the name suggests, this VR headset is actually made from cardboard!

Anyone looking for a teaser taster into the world of VR will find purchasing the Google Cardboard the first logical step. Instead of investing in a high end headset you can see if it is for you beforehand.

One thing to note is that the cardboard gets delivered flat packed, meaning you have to follow simple steps to build it. If you need to help putting your Google Cardboard together watch this youtube video:

What does the Virtual Porn Website think of the Google Cardboard?

Considering the extortionate prices of many Virtual Reality headsets, products & accessories the Google Cardboard is a welcome idea that we can get behind. Leave it to Google to provide us with an affordable alternative!

Google Cardboards opens up the world of VR to an audience that would otherwise find it inaccessible, enabling anyone with the smallest expendable income to get involved.

With the Virtual Reality industry & VR Porn still underestablished, picking up a Google Cardboard may be a wise choice as a placeholder headset. You can wait for a truly outstanding VR headset to be introduced to the market, and still enjoy Google Cardboard Porn - albeit at a lower quality.


  • All you need is a smartphone and you can dive right into Google Cardboard mobile VR.
  • Low cost, affordable on pretty much any budget. You can often get a branded Cardboard for free.
  • Light weight, leading to minimal head & neck strain.
  • Its relatively easy to set up and use for first timers.
  • Large and small versions of the Google Cardboard are available for any phone size.


  • Google Cardboard is easily broken and quite expendable.
  • Isn't as comfortable as other VR headsets, due to the Cardboard.
  • Can be quite fiddly when putting the phone inside, depending on which model.
  • Lack of navigational options (because of all the smartphones it supports).
  • Field of vision is as large as your phone, which probably isn't particularly large.

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Although the google cardboard allows you to view all of your videos on all modern smartphones, you just don't get the same experience as other headsets such as the Oculus Rift or the Samsung Gear VR.

Google Cardboard introduced itself into the market in an almost mocking fashion, dictating to the industry that VR headsets do not need to cost over £700. It's a great choice for a beginner, and allows you to experience virtual porn on a budget.

However, if you really want to enjoy adult vr porn you might want to consider upgrading that Cardboard into something that won't crumple in the rain.

You can find the Google Cardboard here:

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